How to Increase Traffic of Your Blog Without Google (No Matter the Niche)

Many new bloggers and website owners hope to use SEO to generate a ton of traffic. Most often they fail regarding their rankings in Google or traffic, and destroy their site by making too much spam with links. This article will show you some of the possibilities outside of Google and SEO.

I also want to emphasize the power of the items requested and you also talk about a generation techniques lesser known traffic. In the end, everything is reduced to people you know and network that you can leverage. Discover the benefits of traffic sources you might not have heard of before, or you would not have thought this to be beneficial to your business.


Check this out:-


These tactics have allowed me to make a boom on my blog. Let’s get started,

1 – Send an email to your subscriber list

No matter what the current list size, send them your new articles. This happened to me and it also happens to big boys! You are busy doing things and forget to send a mail 😀 Having a subscriber list is your most important asset and you should definitely use it.  Even when you have configured a sequence of emails to your auto responded you can always send newsletters. These people have chosen to subscribe because they WANT to hear from you and read what you have to say. If you have not started your own list, I highly recommend starting with email marketing and increase your following conversion.

2 – Pictures and Plugins shares images

This is one of my biggest traffic generators on my travel blog. Just install a plugin like frizzly for nice sharing buttons by mousing over the image. I create images to illustrate posts, and much more. All also appear on my Twitter cards, and my publications on Facebook and on other social profiles. Nowadays, it is quite easy to create beautiful images without being a graphic designer.

Here are my favorite resources: Canva Bank Pictures pictures as Gettyimages , Fotolia, Shutterstock , Pic Jumbo, Picktochart (computer graphics).

It depends on your preferences, but with some pictures of image banks and Canva you can do good things. To change the size of the image you can use Webresizer (free) and the image compression tool Kraken .

3 – Share content several times on social networks

People working in Buffer recently published an article in which they analyzed the benefits of sharing content more than once on your social networking accounts. This works very well on Twitter. You can reach followers in different time slots or only those who were not online when you shared the first time. This can result in more shares and retweets, to increase the traffic to your blog, a better CTR (click through rate) and many other positive effects. Bufferapp can help you automate, but there are also several other tools that you could use.

4 – Metadata on social networks (Twitter Cards, Open graph Facebook …)

A traffic generation technique that is totally passive – but really well – it is metadata for social networks ..

Here are the ones you can use:

  • The Twitter Maps
  • Rich Pins
  • The Open Graph Facebook
  • You can get more traffic from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google + even without working more. This allows your shared items include images.

You can also get some of the above benefits using WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin which is a (free) and very popular.

5 – Increase the speed of your site

Improving your website’s speed can be a legit way to get a lower bounce rate which in turn can lead to better conversions and top rankings on Google. You should have in order to make any WordPress website load in three seconds to achieve better results. I recommend installing a caching plugin as W3 Cache , WP Fastest Cache or WP Rocket (fee required). In addition, you should images that load quickly (the plugin Lazy Load using good) and have a nice theme coded properly. Regardless of the plugins you use, keep in mind that each plugin can slow down your site if it is not executed correctly. In general, we could say that there is less of plugins installed over your website is fast. This is something very important that you should check from time to time.

6 – Guest Blogging

I speak of guest articles. This is one of the best traffic generation strategies that I know, but one that needs more work on your side. Working on something of quality and post it on another blog to get the greatest results. Maybe your own blog still has no traffic, but the popular blog, which you suggest your articles to a lot of traffic. If you establish a relationship with the blog owner, this might even allow you to post new articles or they are promoting some content on your blog. You may also work together on future projects or doing interviews. The article requested is often the next step after the comments and help a lot with networking.

7 – Use the tools effectively

I always recommend to tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite and others to automate parts of your daily tasks. This will help you do more in less time. In the end, it will certainly bring more visitors to the short term on your blog, and traffic will increase over time. Many of these tools are available in a free version or you can get a free trial. Start with those and find software or Web application that you like best.

8 – Content Sites

Spend some time on the search to find more places to submit your links. You can test . More free traffic and exposure, you will gain some good quality links to improve your SEO on your site.

9 – Revenue traffic

Do not be afraid to use paid traffic. If done correctly, paid advertising can lead to a good ROI and you can earn money appropriately. Almost every social network has its own advertising platform.

Here are some:

Advertisements on Facebook
Advertisements on Twitter
Advertisements on Pinterest

10 – Recycle your old articles

One of the most effective strategies to get lots of traffic on each article you write is to re-propose this on other sites. You’re just changing the format.

Here’s what you can do:

Transforming an article in PDF (to give to your readers)
Create Slideshare
Transforming slideshare Video
Transforming a video podcast
Réécrireun section into a section called
These steps above do not take much time, but the traffic you can get with may be worth it.

Executive Summary

You do not have to be a professional SEO, you can still get there. Just be consistent and regular. It may take several hours or even days to write a guest article, submit content to third party sites or create social metadata in your blog. Just give a try now and get started!

Believe me, your time is not wasted. You will have better exposure, increase your blog traffic. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this topic in comments and do like this post too!

Try it, it works pretty good. Cheers 😀

#10 Different Ways to Make Money Blogging|How-to Earn Online?

Are you looking for any Make Money Online Tricks? Are you so curious about How to make Online Money?

You can raise more questions on Making Money Online for free! How to Earn Online 2015? How to make money 2015? Making money simple by the way its very hard too! Making Money online is about your interest and hard working on it! Everyone can earn online that too in this year! So if you’re searching for good way to Make Money online, then this post may help you better! You can find many methods to make money online without much risk on investments. And everyone prefer to go with Blogging!

The only best way to make money online is way to start a brand new blog for you! Starting a blog and earning from it is an awesome idea and it will be a solid way o make a long term income soruce just by sitting from your home. All you need is just to write some attractive articles on stuffs you like and care the most! Blogging can be used to make tons of money easily and you can’t get rich quicker but you can make it as a good income source!


Most of will say, online money making methods are not guaranteed and its not trust able. And I won’t support such things! In thing world, everything goes with the help of internet communication and everyone need to get trusted everyone. So in this technology world, you can say such wrong things about internet. But I won’t say internet is fully about truth. It also got some fraud and scam activities! Only thing you need to be much aware on such things 😀

Now in this post, I’m going to share some coolest tips about Blogging! Yes, its on Real Ways to Make Money Blogging 🙂 Most of the people are searching for such keyword and many pro bloggers seen success on it. And daily they are earning more money online just by sharing their ideas on the blogs. So you too do the same and start earning today. Moreover, you can earn more from a blog! And you can find many methods to earn money from Blogging. Isn’t cool?

Some best ways to make money online with your blog is simple! And I’ve listed some top real money making methods to earn from Blogging. Are you so interested to know them all? Then do check it below,

Easy Ways to Make Money with your Blog 2015

So if you search for different methods to earn money with your blogs then before you stepping into this idea you need to thing a while about it! Because every blogger struggles a lot to achieve at first, but he will succeed it later for sure! If you’re a beginner to blogging, then you’ve a low traffic blogs, new blogs, no experiences, no SEO skills, no time, no design sense, no, no, no!! So you need to make your blog in good postion to apply and try all those ways to earn money online blogging. So try to get good traffic and popularity for your blog. Then give a try on these methods on earning online with blogs. If you do so, you will earn a lot in future days!


Some of the methods mentioned below are best ones and these ways never matter with your low level blog. Anyhow just give a try and start motnetizing your blog soon and be a problogger to earn like problogger 🙂

#1 PPC (Pay Per Click)

Most of the bloggers goes with this advertising program. Here all you need is just wanna place some ads on your blog and you will be paid for every impression and clicks for every ads you get. PPC is the common method used by all bloggers to make money online. But for getting approval from some PPC network is little bit hard. And if your blog got good organic traffic then you can earn $$$$$ every month. So some sites who are best in PPC program are listed below. These sites are best PPC network to offers every publishers a good commission for it!

Best PPC Ad Program

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Chitika
  3. Yahoo Ads!
  4. Bidvertiser
  5. Adbrite

#2 CPM (Cost Per Thousand)

CPM is just the above one, but here the impression plays a vital role! Yeah, its totally based on impression! If you place ads on your blog and you will paid for every impressions your ads gets. This methods need a big traffic to your blog and its very simple, Some new blogs too earn a lot with this CPM program. If your blog have good pageviews, then you can apply for this program and start earning now! So good CPM networks are Value Click and Tribal Fusion.

#3 In-Text Ads

Recently I wrote a post about Infolinks Review which is best on In-Text Ads! Do check it and you will know more about in-text ads and about Infolinks. Anyhow I brief you in short about In-text ads. These ads can be seen everywhere from small blogs to big ones. Here the ads will be shown in text manner. So if any users clicks that text the blog owner will be paid. But these types of ads create some annoying over the readers and they will try to leave your blog faster. So try to avoid or else show In-text ads in less amount. But on earning side, its great! Some In-text Ads offering resource will be Infolinks, Kontera and Vibrant Media.

#4 Affiliate Programs

This will be coolest and simplest method to earn money online just by selling some products. I will recommend every users to go with affiliate marketing earning methods. All you need is to find some affiliate offering site and wanna to generate your affiliate links. Then you need to show up those links in you blog with cools banners or ads. So when any user click your link and buy that product then you will be paid for selling it! Simple isn’t? Some best sites are ClickBank, Commission Junction, Azoogle Ads, Link Share

#5 Sponsered Reviews

Reviewing some products through direct contacting the product owner or marketer or through a review site. Here in burptech you can find many reviews which was review by me. And you can make $$$ per product you review! I will earn around 1000-6000 INR per sponsered review post which published on Burptech site. And you will too get some free products from the product owner. There are some sites who are ready to give you some sponsered post for your blog too. Just give a try on these sites ReviewMe and Sponsered Reviews.

#6 Sponsored Post or Paid Posts

This method is more similar to Sponsered Reviews. In this these are posts paid by other clients. These type of posts usualy have some specific website linking back to the another client site with targeted keywordings. So if you add some backlinks inside then you will be paid from your clients! I do get more paid posts from many online marketers. And they will directly ping me or I will find them with their Facebook profile. Most of them will be buddies and they too post/share their Paid Post Oppurtunities on popular Facebook Groups such as Buy & Sell and Buy n Sell groups. I got more offers from these groups. Do try it 😛

#7 Selling Ad/Banner Space

Direct ad placement will partly makes some money. If you have your blog in good stats on all rankins such as PR, DA, PA and Alexa ranking then your blog will get more oppuritunity to avail ads space slot. You can sell ad slots on any size you want. For that first you need to place a banner about your offer and price on your blog. Then your readers will check it out and if they like your blog and your offer then you will be paid for showing up their brands in your blog.

#8 Ebook Sales

If you’re good in writing an eBook then just do it and start establishing credibility in your niche which can surely offers a good income. Try to stick with Online Income source!! Write your own ebook and publish it. Then try to spread your ebook everywhere over internet and start selling it for valuable prices.

#9 Membership Sites

If you got some guts to build a site on Online Course, tutions, tutorials, classed or anyother worthy of a membership then go for it! Now a days these type of methods are increasing gradualy! Here the users need to subscribe for your service and for subscriptions they need to pay some bucks. You can find many membership sites and they are offering good service for the amount they are ask!

#10 Selling your Services

You may have some talents over designing or programming. In such case, you can sell you service for your blog readers. You should tell them and showcase your works. If your readers are really interested then you hire you for their projects. So with this method you can sell web designing, logo designing, web development, app development, video creator, tutorial video maker, software coding or anything else! Even you can sell your ebooks here 😛

Final Say

Now its up to you about making good decision on Money Making Blogging. These methods are proven and I’ve tried them in my blogging career. With those experiences I’ve made a share for your guys in the way of helping you too! And you can find much more methods to earn money online without any investments. But however I will prefer Blogging is my main income source till date 😉 What do you say about Blogging? Do you think, its very simple to earn with websites? Share your thoughts in comments below!

Hope this post ends up with another informative thing about Making Money Online in 2016. If you feel that this post helped you a lot, then do share and like this post with your friends via social media sites. And don’t forget to subscribe to our mail listing for receiving latest updates about Technology and Blogging! See you soon with another useful guide on Blogging! Stay tuned at Burptech! Happy Earning 🙂 Cheers (Y)

How to Boost Adsense Income by Blocking Low Paying Ads

Every blogger and other website owners are aware of Adsense! And they are trying to increase their revenue more and more even than before. As on many Facebook active groups these discussions are going on! And there most of the people discuss about increase the CTR rate of Adsense which in result their earnings may increase. But by focusing the CPC we can increase the earnings of any blog!

How to Boost Adsense Income by Blocking Low Paying Ads

Do you know? Your Adsense earnings may be low due to low CPC rate ads? What is the solution for it to get fixed? If you’re looking for such post, then this post might help you in better ways. CPC stands for Cost Per Click. There are some advertise who pay the publishers very low bucks. Some ad bid may be give you only $0.01 per click. So they are considered under the low CPC ads. These low CPC ads will affects your earnings for sure!

For example, your blog getting good amount of traffic daily but no earnings! And you’re checking it, and noticed that your blog is shown full of low CPC ads. This is the main reason for low earnings. So what will be the solution for it? My answer will be by Blocking those Low Paying ads 😀 So if you execute this to your adsense account, then you can notice the changes in few days later!

Now today in this post I’m with a new/old strategy to increase your Adsense Income by Blocking Low CPC Ads with guidelines. All we’re going here is just going to the settings of Adsense account and the blocking the ads which pays your very less! Let’s do it…

How to block Low Paying CPC Ads in Google Adsense?

Step 1: Go to your Google Adsense Account

Step 2: Navigate to “Allow & block ads” section found at the top menu bar.


Step 3: There you can see many options regarding blocking ads with various category such as General, Sensitive and Advertisers. So now based on your content niche of your blog you can block the ads. By making them to shown revelant ads related to your niche! Hope you got it 🙂


Step 4: Now just the “Click Advertisers URLs”. And in the box, paste the below given URLs and click Block URLs once you done it.

Step 5: After clicking the block urls, you can see the low paying ads/urls are blocked in your adsense account.



If you’re not able to traget on high CPC keywords, then follow up this method! Blocking Low CPC ad method can surely increase your earnings with no risks! Hope this post ends up with another informative thing on Adsense for bloggers. This method is one among the adsense boosting formula and if you find that this post need more information about this then kindly let us know your feedback in comments below!

Show your care by sharing this post with your friends and on social media sites! If you got any quires about this method, then feel free to share it in comments! And don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments too! Happy Earnings 😀

What Best Blogger Hide About Event Blogging? Secret Revealed!!!

Hello readers, after long time I’m here with another awesome Blogging Trick to Earn Huge Money in few days. To get success, you guys need to work hard on it! Not for the whole time, just for some days only! By checking the post title itself you guys must understood what I’m talking about? Yes, I’m talking about Event Blogging guys 😀 There are many bloggers who work mainly on Event Blogs. They work hard on it before the arrival of the events. Whats your view on Event Blogging? Possible to make $$$$ with event blogs? Then my answer will, YES!!


Because many bloggers and my friends are posting their success in event blogs on their Facebook Timeline and on their personal websites. They most share their earning screenshot and their highest real time view for their event blogs. So those share may inspire all to work on event blogging, even I got inspired 🙂 There is no doubt about making good money from event based niche blog. It could give more income in short time than any of your other online earning source! Okay so now, let’s get back to the main point!

What is Event Based Niche Blogs?

It very simple! The Event bloggers create a blog on the upcoming event. And they try to get more targeted audience before the event dates, especially on the night before that event. For example take New Year 2016 as a event. They fix a target and start working on it just after November or even mid December month. Its depend on the bloggers works. For these type mostly Team Work gives more good result. Bloggers mostly focus on Keyword, Link building, Indexing their blogs on various search engines, SEO and other things. And the best part on Event Based Niche Blogs will be getting more money just by working less than 15 days. And those event blogs will drive huge traffic from search engines.

If you are new to event based blogging,  then you should first check out the ways to get started your own event based niche blog for the upcoming Valentine day 2015. This post is fully about event blogging and I’ve some interesting techniques to get started a event blog for Valentine day in effective manner. Surely I will guide the best from my side 😀

make money event blogging 2015

Most of you were busy with your boyfriend or girlfriend or love or life partner (whatever you call them) celebrating the day of love and having the best time you could ever have. But we had other ideas! No its not about love! Not about GF/BF! Its about Blogging!! The last valentine’s day 2014 gave us a lot to take in both in-terms of knowledge and depth about blogging and also in terms of income. And ranked it in first position in Google and now here comes the next valentines day 2015. Read this article for Sharing Successful $$$$ for Last Valentines day blog!

So what this post will be sharing? We will discuss about How to Start a Event Blog from basis till the Techniques to Earn $$$$$ with Event Blogs. Here I’ve listed some Essential 9 Tips to start a Event Blogging Effectively 😀 Check them all and start a blog for this valentines day 2015 🙂

How to Start Get Started?

#1 Team Work gives more $$$$ (Profit)

Most of the bloggers are going for this technique, Team Work 😀 You may ask whether team blogging gonna help better than solo blogging? Its a reasonable question! I prefer Team work for Event niche blogs, but not for Long term blogs. In event blogging there are much more to be worked out in short time. So you can’t do it alone, but some guys can do it on their own. If you want to make your work simple and more effective then go for team work.

So better form a good team with your friends and get started! Try to lead your team in perfect manner by allocating various tasks for your team mates. And make sure they work daily and hardwork on it. To reap huge $$$$$, then Work Hard. Its the logic or moto in Event niche blogging!

#2 Plan before the Event

Before getting started into event blogging, plan yourself! After planning for it, you need to choose a perfect niche which should have more searches and low competitive keywords. Better go for Google Keyword Planner. Keywords plays a vital role on event blogging. So work better on it!

For this tutorial, assume that I’m going to start a event blog for the upcoming Valentines Day 2015. So I’ve planned and fixed my target on this event. Then by using Google Keyword Planner I’ve picked up the low competition keyword and the most searched KW’s.

#3 Buying a Domain

Buying a brand new domain is must for event blogging sites. On Event blogging, don’t go for sub-domains. Always I prefer and recommend to a buy a domain name related to your event which you/team working on. Better you can get the domain which contains the related keywords. That can do better!

So in this case, I’m planning for this Valentine Day 2015. So I bought a domain with a keyword similar to,, and more. The go ahead by following the guides added below.

#4 Setup a blog

This will be the most important to make big money 😉 Now on creating a site/blog you should first decide which platform you are gonna to setup your blog. Blogger or WordPress? I recommend to go with Blogger platform. Not only me, everyone go for it as its very simple & easy to use. And the best part will be on its free hosting offered by Google. So need to worry about hosting crush due to high flow traffic to your event blog. And another thing Blogger blogs always have good attention to Google SERP. They may index soon and visible in google search result than other sites. So on event blogging, blogger platform perform well than WordPress. So start a new blog with blogger and redirect your new domain to your blog. Thats it!’

To be said clearly, Go to Blogger >> Create a Site >> Setup your site. Then once you setup go to your dashboard >> Settings >> Redirect your domain. It is a simple tweak! Mostly everyone will know about it! If you are new to this too, then just Google it 😀

And update your blog with some content related to the event. For our case valentines day 🙂 So find some valentine day wallpapers, wishes, quotes, greetings, status, WhatsApp DP, Messages and more things related to event. Try to publish unique contents and don’t copy from others. But mostly many guys copy, but in event blogging it not considered because we are going to blog just for 2-3 months. So there won’t be any issues with Google! But I recommend all to write and publish quality and unique contents on their blogs. That can help you rank better. While writing use Google Keyword Planner and write content with cool keywords 😀

#5 Optimized Design

So to impress a girl, you need to dress-up well! The same thing here too! Make your blog look cool with awesome design. Use well optimized theme like ABT Template and others. But mostly go with ABT Template as it the Page Optimization done well. And the feature with SEO Title, Meta Description and more. Here the Off Page Optimization also looks great. So I prefer everyone to design-up your blog with this template.

Get Templates from here :- SEO Optimised Blogger Templates

If you wish you can go for other templates too! But go for good optimized and fast loading templates. The best resource for blogger template are templateism and Templatify, Soratemplate and more. Do search on Google 😛

#6 Link Building Techniques

Link Building was the most important and major task. We underwent huge link building campaigns. These things can bring traffic as well as get high authority to the blog in quick span.  Try to rank the home page rather than all the internal pages. Use most targeted keywords like “valentine’s day messages” “happy valentine’s day messages” and also “valentine’s day sms” on your link building task. These are just an examples and you can use many more related to your event 😀 Then do comments on high authority blogs with good anchor text. Instead add the keyword for better ranking in search engines result. Once you complete check out the no.of backlinks you/team built for your event blog, as registered in And use most searched keyword for your anchor text while linking on other sites.

And another best way on Link building is to find some blogs for paid links, sidewide links and more. Most of the blog owners/admin won’t give, because these things may spam their sites. But some admins are ready to add your link for some $’s. But with that you can earn more than your invested money 😛 Just Kidding 😀

#7 Traffic and Ranking

Try to increase the traffic and ranking everyday. My friend event blog traffic increased rapidly along with rankings and then his blog ranked top at Google. So try to ping it and try the possible ways to get more traffic to your site. For getting more traffic link building process should be done well. So its depends on your work and don’t try to use any bot’s. Just work on link building, you will get success soon, for sure :D. And Concentrate on keyword part too! They too plays a vital role in bring more targeted traffic towards your site:D

Do check it:- Tips to Increase Alexa Rank for your Event Blog

If you’re getting a do-follow backlink then it would be so great for your site. Use free Backlink Generator tool To Get High PR Quality Do-Follow backlinks totally for free. If you like to increase your earnings with traffic, then you should try to get massive traffic from US, UK, Australia, Singapore and mostly from western countries. The Indian traffic to your blog won’t pay much 🙁 In other words, 10000 Indian views = 100 US views 😀 So try to get more real time traffic from US region and from Western countries!

#8 Make Money with Event Blogs

This will be the much awaited part in this post, right? So in order to monetize we’re going to use Adsense as our main source. So if you have adsense account then it would be so great. Otherwise try to apply for a new and add Adsense ad units in your blog. The other ways to earn are by using Affiliate Marketing, CPC ads, In-Text ads. Here the affiliate program and referral program gives you good result. For good commission from affiliate program you can go for Amazon and Flipkart. So these things should be done greatly and well in order to get good result 😀

Wanna to Earn $$$? Then check this post on Top 7 Android Apps to Earn Money on your Mobiles 2015

And the placement of ad should be considered while adding ad units to your blog. In Adsense there are some terms to be concentrated more to get high earnings. In order to get good reasonable earnings the CTR and CPC rates should be improved well. Use links ads in sidebars and inside the post too! These things cares more about earnings 😀

For In-text ads I recommend everyone to go for Infolinks platform. Its the best in this case!

#9 Hard Work & Don’t Give Up!

For every jobs, Hard Work pays good result! Mostly on blogging you need more 🙂 The things you need to concentrate on event blogging is on Keywords, Link Building, Getting Traffic. If you’re well in these things then you can succeed in your first event blog itself. Try your best to work out all these things and as said above get traffic from US region. That can pay you more than other region traffic. Hope you got it!

Here some screenshots to inspire you guys 😉

event blog

event blogging


event blog adsense

Hope this post helped you better in Event Based Niche Blogging! If you’re having any doubts then share it with us in comments below! And please do share your thoughts and experiences in comments below 😀 If you feel, this post guide you much better and useful, then show your love and caring by sharing this post with your friends and on social media sites. As final I like to wish you all Happy Blogging 😀 and Good Luck for your Event Blogging 🙂 Succeed and earn more! Mark my words, Never Give Up fellas 😀

The above screenshot credits goes to my friend and it's not mine :P

3 Reasons to Immediately Book the Next Blogging Conference

Spend any time reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, watching videos, or buying into information products about blogging and you’ll notice they usually always have on major strategy for building a brand & traffic in common: networking.

Conferences are the way to go in this regard:

  • You’ll meet and mingle with influencers
  • You’ll learn new tactics and strategies to grow
  • You’ll have an opportunity to promote products/services

Conferences are one big get-together that go beyond the scope of meeting others in your immediate area — they expand your reach.

Networking Potential

Bloggers that expect to make it big in their industry by going at it alone are somewhat delusional. Not to say that fame and fortune can’t be had from working solo but the chances are quite slim considering that reaching the same levels as the larger brands are often only possible if you build an alliance.


Big bloggers trade traffic with other big bloggers; it’s the reason why you see many of the same names appearing in podcasts, guest posts, and promotions.

It’s possible to build connections with big named bloggers through online communication, but it doesn’t have quite a substantial impact as if you were to make the connection face-to-face. You can have this face-time when attending conferences. There’s a bonus if the conference uses an event application such as DoubleDutch which, if configured correctly, can provide profiles and resources for interacting with others attending the conferences – think of it kind of like a real-time Rolodex as you’re wandering around the floor and making those connections.

Grow the Knowledge Base

Conferences are where you go if you want the biggest scoops into new industry strategies.

Blogs are free platforms so it makes sense that information being shared is often the type of content you can generally pick and learn by keeping up with others in your niche. At conferences, however, there is a monetary and egotistical need to perform for those that are headlining events and workshops which mean they need to bring something fresh and exciting to the table.

Getting the most out of conferences in terms of growing your knowledge can include:

  • Pacing your attendance to experience as much as possible
  • Attending the smaller meet-and-greets that happen between keynotes
  • Keeping good notes and condensing ideas so they’re not lost
  • Bringing the new strategies back and placing them into action

There’s going to be more information than you can manage but try your best to absorb it all. Put into action the strategies that make sense for your business and efforts.

Make Money

Sending traffic to your blog and growing its brand is only one equation as to why you’d want to attend a conference. The other half is the opportunity to make money when interacting with other individuals.

While you’re at the conference there are a number of ways to increase revenue:

  • Pitch your products and services directly to others in attendance
  • Work in a promotion by partnering with the conference
  • Develop joint venture partnerships to build new products or promote existing ones
  • Hold excusive, members only access to you and the conference while it’s happening

Ideas will naturally come your way when you realize you’re surrounded by others that want to grow their blog and are willing to pay for great services. The same can be said about your audience as they have the feeling of missing out to which you can tap by giving them a premium offer related to the conference or at least leverage off its brand.

Are you now fired up to get on out to the next blogging conference in your area?

Devices, Apps and Technology for Your Pets

You could say pets have played a major role in wearable technology. More than 25 years ago owners began to microchip their pets with trackable devices just in case they got lost.

Given the fact that pet owners will spend an estimated $62.75 billion on their animals this year alone, it makes sense that the tech industry would cater to these customers. If you thought the latest technology was just for humans, then check out these devices and apps for the animal kingdom.

Devices, Apps and Technology for Your Pets

Apps That Entertain Your Cat

Cats are super popular on the Internet, but it turns out they’re fans of technology too. Numerous developers have created apps for cats. The general gist of these apps is to give cats things to chase on screen. If you’ve ever seen a cat chase a piece of yarn or a laser beam, then you know how eager they are to pounce on fast moving objects.

Pet owners just have to make sure they have solid cases for iPhone 7 smart phones, because the screen of your new phone is no match for cat claws.

Monitor Pets on Your Phone While They’re Home Alone

We all wish we could take our furry friends with us everywhere we go, but that just isn’t realistic. Pets get left at home, leaving their owners to wonder what it is they’re doing all day. Well, now you can know exactly how they behave when you’re not home.

Video monitors can be strategically placed around your home to keep an eye on pets while they’re alone. A frontrunner in this field is the Petcube. The high-def camera can connect to your home Wi-Fi and stream videos to your phone, but that’s not all. There’s also a laser that can be controlled through your device so you can play with your pet when you’re away from home.

Another great option is PetChatz. The device is rather pricey, but it has a screen that allows you to essentially Facetime with your pet, and it can dispense treats remotely.

Live Streaming Video at Doggy Daycare

Worried about how your pet is fitting in at doggy daycare? Many doggy daycare facilities now have live streaming video cameras installed around their property. The video is automatically fed to an app or web page where owners can see what’s going on. This is a huge relief for pet owners that are trying a center for the first time or have a dog with special needs.

Find an On-Demand Dog Walker or Sitter

If you like the concept of Uber or Lyft you’ll be a fan of apps like Wag. The company has screened dog walkers and pet sitters that are available in your area at a moment’s notice. The on-demand service makes it extremely easy to find someone to look after your animals last minute or in advance.

Let Your Dog Play Fetch on Their Own

Want to make sure your dog gets their playtime even if you can’t be there to play? The iFetch gives your dog the ability to play fetch on their own. It works kind of like a tennis ball serving machine. Anytime the dog drops a ball into the funnel of the toy it shoots the ball back out.

Pet Doors That Allow VIP Access

Your pets like having the freedom of going in and out of the house as they please, but that can also allow other animals in your home. The Passport Pet Access Smart System Door is making that concern a thing of the past. This technologically advanced pet door can be programmed to only allow animals with a Passport Key on their collar in and out. Other techy pet doors can be programmed to allow access at certain times of the day and lock automatically on a schedule.

Track Your Dog’s Movements

There’s a huge selection of tracking devices for dogs, because no one wants to lose their best friend. With one of these wearables, you’ll know the moment your pooch gets loose and can quickly track them down.

Tagg Tracker is leading the pack in this field with a GPS tracker that’s placed on a dog’s collar. You can designate a safe zone for them to play in and get alerts if they stray beyond the boundaries. Another useful feature is the activity monitor. Tagg Tracker will create reports that show how much exercise your dog is getting each day. Owners should note that there’s an $8 monthly fee for the tracking service.

If monitoring activity and health is the primary goal the Whistle Activity Monitor may be the better option. You can input the weight, age and breed of your dog to get customized health charts based on their activity levels. Owners can also track behavior patterns and set health goals for Fido.

5 Easy Social Media Marketing Tips and Tools


Incorporating social media into your business makes a lot of sense in today world. To do it effectively and accomplish the ultimate goal of promoting your business here are five marketing tools and tips which will get you started and get moving.

1. Find Good Social Media Followers

To achieve a success in SM marketing you need to have a sizable following but being new you will find that you only have a few followers. You will have to increase their amount after setting up your profile so as to avoid disappointment. The perfect way to build a quality following on SNS is to mine users.
To achieve this, search for industry experts on social media such as other business persons or bloggers and take note of their followers. Add those people to your following as well. Mining users will ensure that you gain popularity and share to/from persons applicable to your industry.

2. Ask Clients to Follow You

Asking existing clients to join you in social media is another superb practice to market your business. Request your business associates and partners to follow your account. Make use of SNS icons like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest on your own website and in email as well as paper correspondence to build up your profile. With time your customers will follow your business; this will help to widen your marketing reach.
You may utilize tools such as TweetReach to monitor your messages’ reach. This web-based tool helps tracks social media engagement. Once you create an account you can see spikes in the impressions, check the possible reach of your Twitter message as well as find the influencers around the conversation.

3. Find Relevant and Influential People

In social media circles, influential people have an extensive reach. They can easily share your message with a broad audience since they have a large following. Make sure you find the industry influencers and provide them with something to discuss or share.
You can make use of tools such as Twellow to find people influential in your industry. In a same way you may search the industry influential relevant to your business.

4. Post Creative and Unique Content

With social media, it’s critical to remain original and interesting. While you may re-post messages from existing blog or website content, be sure to post new, unique and interesting content in your account as well. Such messages stand out and are eye catching. You can use professional dissertation writing service such as EduBirdie to enable you to post interesting content.

5. Use a Social Media Tool to Manage your Profiles

Such tools allow you use a single application to post, share as well as manage presence across several SM platforms. These tools work well for a small business using multiple accounts. Also,they provide important tracking as well as time-saving features such as message scheduling, social analytics, and integration with other business and marketing tools. Buffer, HootSuite, and SocialFlow are some of the tools you can make use of manage your profile.

Top 5 Mind Challenging Android Games

Looking to give your brain some exercise? Look no further than our list of the top five mind challenging games out and available for Android systems.




Hundreds is a puzzle game that really only works, at its best at least, on a touch screen. This is because to play you will need to tap and hold the ever expanding circles that will sum up to the grand total of 100. In order to make this number up, players must control their circles by ensuring that they do not bump into any other circles or various other obstacles or hazards that will impact on their growth. As with most games there is a tutorial level where you are carefully and tentatively introduced to the game, meaning that things start out simply enough with empty areas and static circles. But it isn’t long before the whole screen comes alive and everything is moving, with even ice entering into play meaning that you will need to hold a number of circles all at once to make them grow. As chaotic as Hundreds can get, and it is chaotic, the game requires meticulous planning and well thought out execution making it a brilliant touch screen experience.




This word puzzler has plenty of strategic twists that require deep thinking to get past as you attempt to build your words from the letters that appear on the board. The story is led by cute and furry super-powered Alphabears who grow in size each time you manage to successfully fill in the blanks. At the end of the game, the larger the bear, the more points you will ultimately earn. But, think fast on this one as any tile left unused for too long will turn to stone which, in turn, block the bears’ paths. Also, it is worth noting that each of the bears themselves offer unique bonuses that can both help and hinder your score. Plus, with daily missions to compete and a number of bears to unlock, you will keep on returning to this excellent brain teaser.

Super Lucky Casino

super lucky casino


San Francisco based Super Lucky Casino LLC are the creative geniuses behind one of the top rated free Casino Games and online Slot Machines for Android platforms. Among their most popular games are Slots Favourites, SLOTS!, Double Up Casino Slot Machines, Blackjack!, Bingo Heaven, and Vegas Solitaire. Super Lucky Casino entertains millions of fans of its Slots, Bingo, Solitaire, Video Poker, & Blackjack titles on mobile devices all over the world, thanks mainly to a team that works hard to ensure a growing and improving network of great games. If you are looking for a brain teaser, then give their Blackjack games a shot. Aiming to match, but not pass, the dealer’s 21, at the start of a game, the player and the dealer each receive two cards. The player’s cards are dealt facing upwards, while the dealer leaves one of his cards, the hole, face down. Blackjack requires a great concentration of thought to succeed so makes our list.

Four Letters

four letters


You need to think fast for our next pick, Four Letters, which is a word game that makes you think hard and at speed over each and every turn or move. Yep, Four Letters is all about speed. There is a countdown timer ticking away throughout as your aim is to sort out a word from the letters that appear on the screen, almost Scrabble-esque. Along with every completed word, your timer will extend and if you are really speedy with an entry, you’ll earn extra bonus points too. Go on a successful run of super quick entries and you’ll be rewarded with bonus multiplies. Obviously, given the objective is on shorter words, Four Letters might seem easy enough but it only takes the game to throw a couple of hard ones your way to throw you off balance and send you spinning. Four Letters does make a nice change from your average word puzzler, and especially when played at speed, it will provide you a fun mental workout.




Drop7 is a complex number puzzler that is similar to Connect Four in such as it is a game where numbered disks drop down into a grid. If the number on the disc that has been dropped matches the exact total number found in the row or column, then the disc is cleared. Of course, what that means is that the numbers that are already on the board will also be affected by each and every one of your moves which, in turn, can cause awesome beneficial chain reactions. Included in the mobile game are blank disks, which as you may have guessed are completely and utterly useless and only serve to complicate matters. These blanks can be turned into numbers simply by being close to cleared disks, which is another objective in this game. It’s a good workout for your brain though, as higher scores can only be achieved by obsessively hard work and attention to detail, but the pay off, both in the game and in your head, is well worth it.